What Little Girls Are Made Of

  1. Rainbows, as in happiness.
  2. Rainbows, as in the refraction of different wavelengths of light (they dig science).
  3. Rainbows, as in playing house with their friend Samantha who has two moms.
  4. Cartwheels, pinwheels, an appreciation for mom’s sensible heels.
  5. Mermaids who don’t give up their voices and tails, but use them to speak loud and swim tall.
  6. Kitty cats.… Make that battle-worn pink pussy hats knit by their mothers that hang in the closet next to tired protest signs reading: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” “Families Belong Together,” and “Believe Women.”
  7. Hair bows carefully hand-crafted out of matériel that can also function as defensive weapons, just in case.
  8. Unicorns who discovered how to will themselves into existence to vote in the general election.
  9. Glitter, used mainly for decorating protest signs, but with a generous portion stowed away for tossing into the air the day the patriarchy comes crashing to the ground.

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